I don’t like talking about myself.
I tend to tell myself to a trusted few.
If you have come this far, you might be interested in my writings and therefore I refer you to them.
If, on the other hand, you sincerely wish to know something more about me… I refer you to my writings.

I’ve often tried to introduce myself and I can’t. It’s nerve-wracking to write about me. And read about me even more. I feel like I’m trying to convince someone of my worth, and in doing so I feel almost disgusted because I want to be a writer and not a trader.

An effective trader insists on the merits of his product to the point of exasperation. These attitudes always remind me of two plastic Romanian sayings that I adore:

Lauda de sine nu miroase a bine” or “Self-praise doesn’t smell good” and again “Ti-au murit laudatorii?” i.e. “Are your supporters dead?”

diana gabriela su di me
diana gabriela-su di me

I say one thing about myself and I admit: I’m proud of it!

I have Romanian origins, but it is not the country Romania itself that makes me proud, but the good fortune I have to be able to make comparisons between this and the country where I live, Italy.

Also, I grew up bilingual and this fact has proved to be an invaluable tool.

Being mestizo is definitely inspiring! 😉

Why poetry?

Poetry has the gift of honesty. It was poetry who found me at a time when I was surrounded by disloyalty. A deep bond unites us and now I know that I will no longer be able to live without it.

Why tales and fables?

We would never have reached this degree of civilization without stories. But this civilization itself is fallacious and bankrupt in many respects. This means that we haven’t had enough stories yet. 


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