To the daring, the intrepid, the fearless brave adventurers.

Legendary research of the Source of Life

Starting around the time we can remember, man has always been attracted to the mythical, legendary, eternal, essential search for the Source of Life. The ambition of power, the restlessness of the mysteriousness of Death, the mania of youth, the intense desire for graceful beauty, are all valid reasons that have drawn up a thrilling epic of heroic adventures in the book of the Great History of the Earth.

The mysterious enigma

Pilgrimages, rituals, devotion are some of the elements that make up the initiation and the long journey that can allow the most cunning, the most enterprising, the most courageous to reveal the mysterious enigma. There is no doubt that these fantastic stories have something fascinating about them. But are they real? And even if they were, the outcome of this research – unknown to mere mortals – might not perhaps be the most elementary, most obvious answer? The obvious one that is not even given credit, the one that is ignored regardless?

So let’s ask ourselves: what is the source of life?

We already know. We learned this in our very early years. This is precisely the point: the mystery is revealed to us soon, but it is also expected that we will forget the solution. This is where our imperfections originate. We forget the goodness. We forget the values. We forget our purpose. We lose the essence. But something remains, we are surrounded by clues and only the sincere, honest, humble will ignites the spark in us.

Yes, right. It is precisely that short word: Sun. Wanting to broaden the theme, we should include Air and Water. But the Sun is the essence, then everything else blossoms gradually. Why then are we hiding from him? Why don’t we like the warmth of his rays? Why do we disguise ourselves when we are in front of him, hiding our essence?

However, let us also remember that our existence is harmonized by balance, patience, calm. Therefore, when the Sun is hot at its best then it is good to look for a natural source of shade. Meanwhile, the metabolism absorbs all the benefits. And so the unhealthy ambition for power turns into healthy energy; the anxiety about Death vanishes, accepting that this is part of the entire natural cycle; the mania for youth realizes that with commitment the main bodily functions can be kept healthy; the intense desire for graceful beauty finds comfort in the healthy amber complexion of the skin.

Source of Life: remembering the origins

A few considerations are enough to clarify how much harm we inflict on ourselves and on others by complicating and upsetting the approach to life. Recognizing existence as a long, incessant, fluid process of growth provides the opportunity to spend it at its best. If only we could dare to listen to conscience instead of silencing it, returning to observe what surrounds us with innocent, human curiosity. Even under this perspective we can write a Great Epic Story.

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