The Tales of Diana Gabriela

The Tales of Diana Gabriela is a collection of thoughts, fables or fairy tales, inspired by real events and transformed into captivating stories with a moral intent.

Tales of Diana Gabriela to read for free online

The Tales of Diana Gabriela on this blog are all available to read for free online:

– fantastic tales;
– fantastic articles;
– short stories.

Fantastic stories and articles

Why propose fantastic stories?
I am strongly convinced that this literary genre has a great intrinsic value. It speaks in the language of dreams. It speaks in magical terms, outside of logic. Yet … honesty in the description of the details is by no means disputable.

It is an environment in which one can move with extreme freedom.
It is an environment that has a lot to give. Dreams. Hopes.
But everything has a price and in fact tremendous concerns are also revealed.
Ready to face all this?

The wonder of fantasy, through its magnificent words, unmasks the cruelties of the social environment hosting us; its dark and horrifying suburbs; subterfuges and injustices; the unhealthy bullying.
Be careful not to end up in a blinding dead end from which you cannot return, ever again.

It sounds like a liar genre, but it is not a liar, not at all. Simply… it masks.
It masks contexts and unmasks evil.

The reality we live in, perhaps aware of the power of fantasy (who knows!) denigrates it as a miserable pastime for childhood. And also pointed out as eccentric, something from which it is good to keep a distance.

For this I am here, in my shy but firm attempt to allow the fantasy worlds a little revenge.

Short tales

Sometimes it’s a simple exchange of words that inspires me.
When I have the opportunity to report a story, keeping it as faithful as possible to the original, without the danger of making the characters who have been part of it recognizable, then I do it. I take pen and paper and my hand begins a determined dance between the pages of a notebook.


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