Do you know the nutritional properties of cherries? If so, a refresher does not hurt, otherwise, today let’s discover together the main benefits of a sweet pearl of nature.

Nutritional properties of cherries: what are they and why talk about them?

The nutritional properties of cherries may be known by a certain majority, yet not everyone knows the alternative uses of the stalks and stones … it is good to know that nothing is wasted on the cherry!


The fruit is largely composed of water and in fact its arrival at the beginning of summer is not accidental! It is as if nature whispered to us: “The great heat is coming, are you hydrated enough to face it?”.

High satiety index

Even though cherries are made up of a lot of water, let’s not be fooled! Its fiber-rich pulp is highly satiating. Cherry is invigorating, remineralizing and low in calories.


Modern society sells magnesium powders or tablets convincing us that we cannot face the summer otherwise. Sad that it is not “trivially” suggested to eat a handful of cherries…

Cardiovascular health

The color of the fruit is an obvious indication! Cherry helps maintain normal cholesterol levels and is also suitable for the diets of diabetics.

Did you also know that the cherry is your ally in the case of arthritis?

Friend of intestines and kidneys

The fruit is kidney friendly for its important diuretic, draining and detoxifying properties that distinguish it.

From my childhood influenced by Romanian traditions, customs and knowledge, I learned never to throw away the peduncles. Having lived many years with a person with diabetes and kidney problems, I learned the benefits of a draining herbal tea made from dried peduncles. I recommend everyone to try it, it is really thirst-quenching!

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Our body is constantly subject to chemical oxidation reactions, caused by digestion and also by cellular respiration itself. During this process, “reactive” products are created – literally – the so-called free radicals. These are unstable molecules which, in an attempt to restore their balance, destabilize other molecules and so on. A mechanism is triggered to be stopped urgently otherwise it can damage cellular structures.

Inflammation, on the other hand, is a defense weapon of our body against trauma, wounds, allergies or autoimmune diseases. However, acute inflammation must be disposed of otherwise it can become chronic.

Cherries still come to the rescue as they are highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Beneficial pillows!

Cherry stones can be used to create pillows that hold or release heat depending on whether they are cooled or heated. With heat it is possible to relieve muscle tension, swelling, abdominal and menstrual pain, stiff neck; when cold, the pillows can help in case of bruises, sprains, heat exhaustion or insect bites.

Properties of cherries: the conclusions

As we have rediscovered today, the intense blood-red fruit is a sweet ally with detoxifying and purifying properties (the detox that starts the summer season!).

In my opinion, summer is also wonderful thanks to these smooth scarlet pearls. As a child I dabbled as a court lady, wearing them for a short time as if they were earrings. Tender innocence that has fun with so little …

Sweet fruit of this Land, perhaps starting today we will no longer consider you excessively expensive; with a view to prevention and well-being, it fully falls within the parameters of sustainable spending.

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