Do you know the properties of mint and its benefits on our body?

Properties of mint: powerful natural elixir

The beneficial effects of the numerous mint varieties have been recognized since ancient times. This hardy perennial is available for many months of the year.

Digestive problems

Mint is perfect for digestive problems, gastrointestinal upset and nausea. Menthol, the active ingredient present in the leaves, has calming and disinfecting properties.

Counteracts bad breath

The intake is useful for counteracting bad breath. Among other things, bad breath can be associated precisely with problems of the digestive system… Instead of swallowing mints of uncertain origin, which counteract the annoying symptom only for a short time, mint as a plant can prove to be an excellent ally.

Antiseptic properties and fever reduction

Mint has antiseptic properties and is therefore able to calm coughs. It is useful in case of asthma and also, when a fever occurs, it helps to lower it.

Dazzling smile!

It’s all nature, no invasive treatment.

Benefits of mint on body and spirit

A great-aunt of mine lived for a hundred years or more and every day she drank a mint-based herbal tea: it was the cure for her digestive problems. Slim, petite and strong woman. If I were to associate her image with a plant, I would choose the mint.

I talk about mint and add in my mind images of the warm and splendid Morocco, bunches of mint stems at every kiosk. Rooted in the culture of the country is the habit of drinking an exquisite green tea with mint every day. You observe the quiet, vigorous and gentle population and understand that they have gained all the benefits.

The plant inspires a lively character, manifests a healthy appearance, proves to be resistant, spontaneous, fresh. It suggests a wise spirit, not demanding, and capable of facing extreme adversity.

Just pay attention and the secrets will be revealed to us with unexpected clarity.

I conclude the introspection with a simple question: which plant would you choose to describe yourself?

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